These are just some of the areas we cover – Original music for media, soundscapes & background music for attractions/leisure, audio editing, sound design, foley recording & voiceover, field recording, underwater recording, remixing, session scratching, music profiling, music supervision. Please get in touch if you require any specific production or editing not featured on this list!

music supervision

Original Music Production

Production music

Whether you require original music for your video, advertisement, video game or short film, 1eight can deliver bespoke, tailor made audio for your project.

We work with videographers, multimedia producers and advertisers and offer an impressive post production service.

For enquiries, licensing information and t’s & c’s- contact

Below are a few examples of past projects that were made for advertising/promo.


‘Trap Dreams’ PREVIEW 118(59)bpm – Trap, chill trap, dreamy, chilled, relaxing, advertising, advert
‘Playful’ PREVIEW 105bpm – playful, fun, cheeky, pleasant, nice, easy listening, uplifting, advertising, advert
‘Marimba’ PREVIEW 120bpm – marimba, mallet, happy, uplifting, advertising, advert
‘Future’ PREVIEW 107bpm – futuristic, minimal, electronic, glitchy, electro, advertising, advert, app
‘Chased’ PREVIEW 80bpm – dark, scary, menacing, being chased, zombie attack, violin, video game, gaming, computer game, app
session percussion

Soundscapes & Background music

Enhance your project with a bespoke audio composition.

1eight specialise in creating perfect atmospheres and background music for commercial facilities. Our experienced composers can produce custom made soundscapes on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. We bring your project to life! Listen to some past projects below! – 


Deadwalk/ Casela World of Adventures Theme Park soundscape package.

Scope of works brief – Provide a number of soundscapes and sound effects for several different activity zones within Casela World of Adventures; An exciting new adventure park situated in Mauritius. Working closely with the Deadwalk and Casela teams, we studied the brief and composed 5 original soundscapes along with a sound effects composition for a mine shaft ride. Needless to say it was great fun to be a part of! Hear some of the clips below –



Deadwalk/Flipout London – Lazer Maze Sound Design and Soundscape package

Scope of works brief – Compose 3 different soundscapes and construct a brand new sound effect package for a Lazer Maze installation, situated within leisure facility ‘FlipOut’ London E6. The Laser Maze itself was designed and constructed by Deadwalk Designs who required an 80’s inspired soundtrack! This was right up our street, have a listen to the previews below!-


audio editing

Audio Editing

Is your song too long or too short? Need it to sync to a certain timeframe? Whatever the amendment, drop us a line and we can make it happen. 

sound design

Sound Design, Foley & Voice Over

From video games and theme park attractions to non-diegetic placement and vocal dialogue- we create original recordings and sound effects for your projects. We also offer a foley recording service; enhancing the audio buy adding in re-recorded sounds, post production.

As well as the above we also produce high quality compositions for movie and editorial feature trailers.

Get in touch for more information.


This is a recent movie trailer demo we composed. This is currently available to license so please get in touch if you want this awesome clip to feature on your next project!


Have a listen to a small dream sequence put together using original recorded sounds from the forest –


Also some sound effects we put together for the Laser Maze installation for Deadwalk Designs –


Field Recording and Underwater Recording

Using portable digital recording equipment we are able to capture every moment in audio. From background ambience and insects, to industrial sounds and live shows…there are absolutely no limits! We have since expanded our tech and are able to offer underwater recordings using our state of the art hydrophone. Get in contact for more information!


Bees outside a hive –


Underwater sounds – edible urchin eating a mussel –

sync music

Re-mixing & Mash-ups

Add a different dimension to your song by letting 1eight create an alternative version of your masterpiece. 

Daft Punk/Stardust 20yr anniversary remix by Serjé for 1eight –

Available for free here! –

session turntablism

Session scratching

Scratches for your tracks – Remotely recorded or in-house

Need some scratch samples or cuts laying over your tracks? Look no further! Check out the medley below! *1eight did not produce any of what you are about to hear, we just re-recored the original with added scratches over the top.

Some previous session work, everyone loves a medley!


Music Profiling

Perfect playlists

For that ultimate playlist, let our creative minds devise something that will fit perfectly with your project.

music profiling

Music Supervision

If you are planning a new project that requires the perfect soundtrack, 1eight can bring a whole new dimension to your project by matching perfectly fitting audio with your footage.
Get in touch for details