1 Eight Creative Audio

1Eight is a fresh and dynamic audio production company that specialises in delivering high quality, custom-made musical creations for your brand or project.

1Eight provides a complete service for all your audio requirements- from original music composition to field recording and sound design.
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We pride ourselves on having an acute attention to detail when collaborating with other creatives. Our music professionals like to work closely with clients to ensure all ideas presented are attained to the highest possible standard.

Your project is our passion.

1Eight: A Brief History

Jay Rees – 1Eight Managing Director, hailing from the South coast of England has over 20 years experience in Audio Production, Editing and DJing-(back when DJing required skill!). He is a general music nerd, Percussionist and Turntablist who has worked with many talented individuals throughout his career and has pretty much spent his adult life either sat behind a mixing desk or hunched over a pair of Technics 1210’s.

This extensive Djing experience has developed his music profiling capabilities to an exceptional level; selecting the right song for the right moment is every decent DJ’s primary focus after all. This skill is relevant and transferrable across the visual arts/media domain and he believes this, along with a broad spectrum of musical knowledge makes 1Eight a force to be reckoned with.

As well as a musical background, Jay also has numerous years experience in the leisure and attraction development industry- constructing and themeing theme parks, aquariums zoos and other large commercial facilities as well as multimedia installation, right across the globe. This type of ‘inside’ involvement has enabled Jay to discover first hand exactly what it takes to create a truly immersive and unforgettable customer experience.

“People often underestimate the power of audio. It is often overlooked and in most cases is an after-thought when planning a project but I strongly believe that if executed correctly, audio can add a whole new dimension to the end users experience and capture their imaginations.”

“1Eight is a new and exciting creative audio company that brings Projects to life using carefully crafted audio”.

– Jay Rees